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For Information on Display Advertising Rates
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Fictitious Business Names = $30
Name Change Publishing = $45

We run the ad for all 4 week then send a proof of publication
to the County or the Court, and a copy is mailed to you.

For FBN - we need a copy of the form you have filed with the county within 20 days.

For Change of Name we need a copy of the NC 120 or NC 220 within 7 days of filing.
Publishing must be completed prior to your court appearance.

mail a COPY, make sure all information is legible

An Additional $5 fee is charged for all forms, if final publication date
is the same week as court appearance date.

Office Hours:
Monday; 9am - 10am, Tuesday; 3pm - 5pm
Wednesday and Thursday; 9am - 5pm
Friday; 9am - Noon* / 2pm - 5pm

*deadline for all copy, ads, changes = Friday noon

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